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Air Freight

Air Freight

Our customized Air transportation services guarantee you a prompt, reliable, quality services at the economical rate!

As a result of the technological advances and development in information systems during the past decades, “speed” became one of the most competitive factors. We understand that fast, cost efficient, quality logistic service is one of the key elements for you to be successful in today’s competitive global market. And thus, our dedicated team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals offers customized services to make sure each customer’s domestic and global transportation needs will be met.
For Air Export services, following packages are some of the services offered. We also offer services for Hong Kong, China, Korea, Southeastern Asian countries, and most other regions.

As for the Air Import services, together with our overseas offices and agents, we will monitor your shipments and make sure that your shipments are safely and promptly handled. Then, once the cargo arrives in Japan, a team of experienced import handling specialists and knowledgeable licensed Customs House brokers will process the customs clearance and promptly arrange the delivery to your door.


Door-To-Door service designed for shipments going to either European countries or USA regions. Our knowledgeable, experienced local agents will promptly process the customs clearance and arrange for delivery upon the arrival of cargo at the destination.
Your cargo will be delivered to the customer in as short as 38 hours after the pick-up from your location.


Customized Door-To-Door service designed to expedite clients’ distribution process and to make it more cost and time efficient.
Our distribution centers located in San Francisco (US-D) and at several airports in European region (Euro-D) will deconsolidate your cargo and distribute them directly to each customer locations as instructed.
This service is currently available only for shipments going to European countries or USA regions.

Euro Premium

Door-To-Door service specially designed for shipments going to Poland.
This service allows us to deliver the cargo to your customer in Poland within 44 hours after the pickup, which is a shorter time than the other courier services available in the industry.

Export cargo is accepted at


Warehouse at Kansai International Airport
Nankai Express CO., LTD.
1F., No.3 International Cargo Agent Bldg.,
1 Senshukukominami, Sennan, Osaka 549-0021
Contact persons:
Mr. Yamashita


Narita Logistic Center
Nankai Express CO., LTD.
c/o Nissho Butsuryu
245-3031 Taragai, Narita, Chiba 287-0242
Contact persons:
Mr. Ooshima


13-1,3-chome,Centrair,Tokoname-city, Aichi-pref 479-0881,Japan
Contact persons:

Instructions to customers

1.To have your cargo delivered directly to our warehouse locations,
please indicate the following information on a packing slip or delivery order.

a)c/o + your company name
b)Name of Nankai Express sales representatives

2.For a cargo that requires special handling or packing, please advise us in advance so that we can prepare all the equipment and materials necessary by the time when the cargo arrives.

For more information, please contact:

Osaka [Cutomer Support Group] Phone:81-6-6632-6532 FAX:81-6-6632-6535
Tokyo [Cutomer Support Group] Phone:81-3-5781-8901 FAX:81-3-5781-8908
Nagoya [Nagoya Office] Phone:81-569-38-1677 FAX:81-569-38-7365
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