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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

We will assist you to minimize the cost of transportation!

We offer customizable full-container (FCL) services for worldwide destinations to meet the needs and expectations of each customer. Our experienced staff will examine and recommend the best packaging options and loading plans that are the most suitable and cost effective to you.

Reduced lead time!

Using our global networks and information systems, we will make available, the best possible transpiration alternatives to meet each client’s global logistic needs at the lowest possible rate.



Singapore- Sea X

This is our signature ocean cargo consolidation service which takes only 8 days from Osaka, Japan to Singapore. Upon arrival in Singapore, our local affiliate will process the cargo clearance and delivery. Immediate transfer service to the neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia is also available.


Regularly Scheduled Consolidation Service from Hong Kong to Japan

Choosing from several weekly consolidations, all shipments from China will be consolidated in Hong Kong and quickly shipped out to Japan; either Tokyo or Osaka.

Special Import Consolidation Service from Shanghai to Tokyo

Using our special import consolidation service allows your cargo to be delivered one day earlier than other’s regular consolidation service. This service is currently available for only the cargos departing Shanghai and arriving Tokyo.

LCL service

Whether you have a carton or a hundred cases, our LCL service is equally available with the same excellent service and affordable price.

For more information, please contact

Osaka [Cutomer Support Group] Phone:81-6-6632-6532 FAX:81-6-6632-6535
Tokyo [Cutomer Support Group] Phone:81-3-5781-8901 FAX:81-3-5781-8908
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