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Special Cargo

Special Cargo

Live Animal Handling

Our experienced live-animal-handling-team will move your loved ones to any worldwide destination safely and in a timely manner!

Since our first shipment of dolphin to Qingdao, China in 1997, we have been successfully transferring many different types of animals for aquariums, safari parks, and private individuals, with high customer satisfaction.

We prioritize the safety of your loved ones and assist you to prepare all the documentations necessary to comply with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and other governmental regulations. Pet crates are also available with minimalcharge

Temperature Controlled Container Rental/Shipments

In order to meet the growing refrigerated transportation needs, we have contracted with Envirotainer Inc. who is one of the pioneers and leaders in developing active temperature controlled containers.
We are very confident that their temperature control container is the best solution to safeguard the value of temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceutical and perishable products or materials.
Many different sizes and types of active temperature control containers are available at both Tokyo International Airport and Osaka International Airport.

For more information, please call +81-6-6631-5270.

Full Charter Flight

Full charter flight (AD-HOC/ACMI) reservation is also available 24/7 for urgent or large quantity shipments.

For more information, please call +81-6-6644-6664

For more information, please contact

Osaka [Cutomer Support Group] Phone:81-6-6632-6532 FAX:81-6-6632-6535
Tokyo [Cutomer Support Group] Phone:81-3-5781-8901 FAX:81-3-5781-8908
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