Global Logistics

Contribute to the competitiveness of companies with global optimal logistics.

SCM * (Supply Chain Management), which manages every process from material procurement to production, inventory management, sales, and delivery, has become important, and customer needs in international logistics such as cost reduction, integrated transportation of import / export operations, and shortening of lead times are diverse. It has turned into

*SCM(Supply Chain Management)
Utilizing the know-how and experience cultivated over many years, we will propose the latest logistics solutions by accurately grasping the needs of our customers and contribute to the overall optimization of our customers.

4 (Four) points of logistics by Nankai Express

We provide high-quality logistics that consider compliance and the environment as well as efficiency and cost reduction.

1Expansion of globalization

  • Improving international competitiveness
  • Ensuring business transparency and visibility and expediting decision making
  • Promotion of standardization

2Ensuring compliance

  • Enhancement of safety measures
  • Responding to increasing consumer safety and security awareness
  • Correspondence to international security

3Promotion of environmental load reduction

  • Formation of a recycling-oriented social system in harmony with the environment
  • Promotion of CO2 reduction, energy saving
  • Announcement of environmental load reduction activities

4Countermeasures to changes in human resources and working environment

  • Response to declining birthrate and aging population
  • Responding to growing needs for professional training
  • Fostering human resources who connect management and business


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