Special Cargo

We can arrange transport many kind of commodity

We are well known from customers to provide service for special items, such as live animal, temperature-control item and big size cargo etc.

Live Animal

We will arrange for your lovely and precious animals to be transported with peace of mind.
We have carried many kind of animals at the request of zoos, aquariums, and individuals.
Today, we have formed an animal transportation team and are providing service.。

Case study

We shipped twin pandas from Shirahama Adventure World (Wakayama Pref.) to China

We transported giant pandas born and raised in the Zoo “Shirahama Adventure World” to Sichuan, China. Pandas are very delicate animals.
We had paid utmost attention to their health condition and were able to safely transport it to the “Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base” in Sichuan, China.

Large special cargo

We can handle large special cargo such as factory equipment such as power generation turbines and aircraft engines as long as it is the size and weight that can be loaded into an aircraft.
Please contact us as we also handle the transportation of long items that require a crane.

Case study

Transport a large turbine of about 70 tons!

We chartered a large turbine of about 70 tons from Kansai Airport to New Hampshire, USA on November 27. The equipment was loaded with a special crane, rails, and self-gear using the AN124 aircraft, and integrated transportation to the local door was carried out. We also transport cargo of all sizes, from the most suitable equipment to dispatch, customs clearance to delivery, upon request.

Charter flight

We can arrange a charter service by freighter aircraft.
Please use it as a means of transporting emergency luggage and large volume of cargo.

Human remains

In cooperation with major funeral agents, we can provide overseas transportation and embalming services for human remains.


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