Warehouse Dedicated to Pharmaceuticals

Providing service for international (import / export) and domestic cargo.

Nankai Express provide pharmaceutical logistics solutions with the quality and speed cultivated. The Kasai Logistics Center (KLC) is fully equipped with a warehouse dedicated to pharmaceutical products with a cold storage, and supports the import / export and domestic cargo of various cargoes.

Features of Kasai Logistics Center

Consistent service from import / export customs clearance to drug storage and domestic distribution.

  • Equipped with a medical floor (warehouse dedicated to pharmaceutical products)
  • Thorough quality control and prevention of counterfeit and fraudulent products
  • Operates the refrigerator exclusively for pharmaceutical products
    ⇒Operate a refrigerator that can control the temperature stably (from a small refrigerator that supports -20 ° C to 20 ° C to a large refrigerator of 400 m2) exclusively for pharmaceutical products.
  • Providing high-quality pharmaceutical logistics systems that comply with GDP guidelines
  • Full-time pharmaceutical logistics staff (managed pharmacist)
  • Good access to Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and Tokyo Harbor as well as the city center
  • Kasai Truck Terminal, where the Kasai Logistics Center is located, is a disaster-resistant location
    ⇒Designated as a “wide area transportation base” in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Disaster Prevention Plan and a “private goods base” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Acquisition license
    -Warehouse service (bonded warehouse)
    -Authorized customs broker (AEO)
    -Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (packaging / labeling / storage)
    -Wholesale sales, medical device manufacturing, managed medical device sales, lending
  • Implementation of thorough security measures

Services that can be provided

  • International distribution logistics of pharmaceuticals
  • Customs clearance / storage / distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • Customs clearance / storage / delivery of investigational drug
  • Storage of pharmaceutical materials is also possible


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